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Parler releases “Honest Share” buttons!

Parler Release: Honest Share Buttons – version 1.0

Most networks have “share buttons”, that allow users to distribute content with others on the network. Did you know that many of these buttons also run Javascript “fingerprinting” software in the background to track users? Did you know that many of these networks can track users across websites – with or without the user’s consent or knowledge?

Parler’s Honest Share buttons are simple HTML links that do not run Javascript until the user actually clicks the buttons.

Parler Even Distributes Share Buttons From Other Networks!

We distribute buttons from other network. Those buttons are disabled until the user clicks them. With Parler Honest Share, all the buttons are disabled – by default – unless the user specifically clicks them.

Put this code in your web page to activate the Parler Honest Share buttons:

<div id = "parler-honest-share"></div>
<script src=""></script>

Developer’s Note

Want more buttons? We’ve included Facebook and Twitter, but we’ll make any buttons safe(ish) if a Parler user asks for it. Contact to request additional buttons.

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