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WordPress Plugin Installation

The following will guide you through the Parler WordPress Installation Process.

Step 1 of 3

Retrieve the Plugin

Download the latest Plugin .zip file from here

Step 2 of 3

Upload the Parler Plugin to WordPress

Accessing the WordPress admin panel is typically found through the suffix “/wp-admin” after your URL (ex:

Navigate to the Plugins page and select “Add New”:


Select “Upload Plugin” and ensure you navigate to the .zip file you need.


Step 3 of 3

Verify the Plugin is live on your Site

The Parler commenting section should now appear on all posts. We should double check by navigating to an article, viewing the page, and pressing Cmd-R to force refresh. (Ctrl-Shft-R for Windows).

We can also check for the plugin by viewing the page source.


When viewing the page source, press Ctrl-F and search for “parler-word-wordpress-public.js”, and then “parler-for-wordpress-public.css”. Ensure both of these files exist. The Plugin should now be completely installed.


If you are having trouble viewing the Parler commenting plugin on your WordPress site, please try the following methods:

Method 1: Confirm with Parler that we have verified your site.

If you have recently installed the Parler Plugin and it isn't showing up in the comments section of your site then it might be that we haven't yet verified you site in our server. If you would like to confirm please send and email to with the site you would like confirmation for and (if you have it)the associated Parler account info.

Method 2: Verify the Comments section in your code

Check for a comments id tag in your source. Any html with the id=”comments” will generate the commenting section at its location in the source. This example uses a div tag, you may also use a p tag. Ensure that somewhere in your file that id=”comments” exists:


If the commenting section now appears on your site, you do not need to continue.

Method 3: WordPress Admin Panel

Navigate to the ‘Customize’ section, and you may find various settings on the left side of the page.


Find an area in your page that makes the most sense to add a vid or p tag with the id=”comments” inside of it. Then select Publish.


If you still don’t see the Parler commenting plugin on your site, please email ‘’.

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