Coming Soon: Parler “Honest Share” social sharing buttons presents “Honest Share”. Social share buttons made safe for users without hidden tracking.

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“Share” buttons are a tool many publishers use to help users distribute content on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Parler. Did you know that most “share button” platforms use sneaky cookie tricks to track users without their knowledge? Parler offers the Honest Share social sharing buttons for your website. Honest Share buttons from Parler don’t use dishonest tracking techniques, like other companies do.

Share On Parler

Canvas and Browser Fingerprinting

Canvas and browser fingerprinting are dirty tricks used in share buttons for Facebook and Twitter to track your internet usage. They can track you on pages you didn’t explicitly authorize, and even ACROSS web pages! It’s such an issue that government regulators have fined companies tens of millions of dollars recently.

Parler Rejects Canvas Fingerprinting

Parler has a share button. However, our share button does not use canvas fingerprinting or hidden cookies at all. We believe users should be made aware when a platform tracks them.

Parler makes other company’s share buttons safe!

Typically, the javascript in a share button is activated on every page load – delivering tracking information to the platform. Our share buttons don’t do anything at all, unless the user clicks them. The other buttons we distribute [Facebook, Twitter etc.] are specifically disabled by default until a user clicks them. No data is sent to the network by default. Parler’s are the ONLY social sharing buttons that do this.

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