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Where is Parler located?

Parler is located and built in the USA in Henderson, Nevada

How do I report a bug or provide feedback to Parler?

IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER > Menu Bar > Feedback.

How do I report content that violates Parler Community Guidelines?

On any post or comment, SELECT the DOWN ARROW in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the post/comment > SELECT “REPORT POST” > SELECT REASON from list of violations 

I have a question about using Parler. Who can I contact to assist me?

Leave a comment on a Parler Support post, which is a place for the community to help one another. 

Am I required to verify my Parler account in order to use Parler?

No, you are not required to verify your account to use Parler; however, we would recommend you do so as verifying your account unlocks additional features not available to non-verified users, and lets the community know you are a real world user. 

How do I verify my account on Parler?

Any REAL person may receive a Red Badge Verification on mobile device applications. Go to MENU BAR > Click USER VERIFICATION and follow the setps

Can I verify my account on my PC or Desktop?

Currently, we only support USER VERIFICATION on Parler’s mobile applications, which are available in the Apple and Google Play stores. 

Is there a fee to use Parler?

No, there is no fee to use Parler. 

Where can I find current Parler announcements?

You can view current announcements by following @parler, @parlerdev & @parlersupport

What are your rules for speech on Parler?

Free Speech is a vital and key part of our mission. For users in the United States, we follow the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court Rulings, and the FCC as basis for our Community Guidelines. For those outside of the U.S., we are going to create Community Guidelines which are legal for your country of use.

What does it mean to “Vote” for a post or comment?

The Up Arrows are used to “vote” for a comment or post. You can “vote” for a comment or post you want to bring attention to. It can be compared to a “like”. 

What do the Gold Badges mean?

Gold Badges are for Public Figures. They are assigned to users with a large following who have the potential to be targeted for impersonation, hacking or phishing campaigns. The badge is to protect the user’s authenticity and prove their identity to the community. 

What do the Red Badges mean?

Red Badges are for Parler Citizens. They are recognized within the community as a REAL person, but they do not need to publicly display their name. These accounts went through the User Verification process and the user is a real world individual and the sole owner of an account. 

I am a unique content provider and would like to receive a Gold Badge, who may I contact to inquire about receiving one?

Please email and we can assist you with determining if you qualify, as well as collecting the required documentation, which includes creating a post from a verified social media account stating what your Parler username is. 

I am having issues getting my Driver’s License to scan, do you have any tips or suggestions?

Currently, we only verify users with United States’s Government-issued identification. We are working on a feature that will allow international users to verify.

If you have a U.S. Government ID and are still having issues, try the following tips:

  • Remove hats and/or glasses
  • Beards can affect facial recognition, so smile big and hold still
  • Ensure there is ample lighting
  • Try a few times if needed



I am hesitant to submit my ID for verification. How do I know my information is secure?

Your identification is encrypted in our database and we do not share your data with anyone. Once you are verified we delete the image of your ID and retain only your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and ID number hashed within an encrypted database. 

What do you do with the private information you collect? 

Your privacy and safety are important to us. We store information on servers located in the USA. We do not sell user data to 3rd Parties. You can view or privacy policy here

What 3rd Party Analytics does Parler use, and what for?

Parler uses Flurry Analytics for internally measuring the following:

  • Number of Daily Sessions
  • Number of Daily Active Users
  • Session Length (minutes)
  • Type of Device (Per Session)

How do I connect my news site, blog or content community with Parler Commenting? 

Parler Commenting is a website plugin to integrate articles and content onto our platform. Send an email to to learn more about our Partner and Affiliate Program. 

I am receiving ERROR messages such as Failed to Echo Post / Request Timeout / Unauthorized Access. What do they mean?

These messages my occur during times of extremely heavy traffic. This is a temporary issue and will resolve itself in a short amount of time. 

Can I verify more than one account?

You can verify ONLY one account with either a Red or Gold Badge. That is your primary account. 

Does Parler have DM’s (Direct Messaging)?

Currently, there is not a direct messaging feature available. We are working on adding this and it should be ready by September 2019.

Will Direct Messaging include the ability to create “Groups”?

Group messaging will be available, but not upon the initial release date.

How do I turn on Night Mode?

Click on the MENU BAR > CLICK MOON in the bottom left corner of the NAVIGATION MENU. 

How do I delete a Parler account?

Email with your Parler username, Account Email and the request for deletion. 

Is there a foreign language translator on Parler?

Yes, translation features are available on iOS and Android apps.

Media Inquiries?

To schedule an interview with Parler, please contact:

Interested Investors?

Parler, LLC is a private company that is not conducting any crowdfunding or private investments at this time.

Business Inquiries?

Email to learn more.