Community Engagement

User Commenting

  • Commenting plugin for articles
  • Fast and reliable display of threads

Novel Integration

  • Platform syncing connects all users comments between website plugin and mobile application
  • Automatic article posting from publisher site to Parler Social News application

Viewer Retention

Mobile Application

  • iOS and Android Social News app sends push notifications to users to promote commenting
  • Parler Social News accounts allow publishers to moderate and manage users from app

Enhanced User Interface

  • Color-themed reply threads streamline view of comments and conversations
  • Swiping function provides quick way to upvote or downvote comments

Organic Growth

Increased Traffic

  • Content posted on Parler links to original publisher site to capture more views
  • Parler Social News is a place for publishers to expand audience size

True Trends

  • Parler news and comments trend based on user interests rather than subjective algorithms
  • Partner content appears larger on Social News user device screens
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Potential Clicks

Secure Platform

Authentication and Moderation

  • Email address only and SSO allows for quick user signup
  • User comment moderation paired with advanced word filtering assists publishers

Robust Admin Tools

  • In-depth analytics dashboard measures significant KPIs, not just traffic numbers
  • Unique comment filtering provide key insights into user interactions

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Commenting and Social News Platform

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